Highland Games

We visit the Benmore Botanic Garden in Argyll. Alison and Colin are driving north to Skye and we get to go too!

The fernery is perfect for playing Jurassic Park sheeps.

At Glenfinnan we see where the Harry Potter train goes. Wayne and Gordie will be jealous.

Feral goats? Scary! They might eat us.

We saw many many cousins on Skye.

Our favourite stop!


New York Minute

We visits New York City in America!

This city has very tall skyscrapers. We went to the top of the Rockefeller Centre, and the Empire State Building too!

Times Square is shiny and busy. We like to sit and watch all the people.

We saw international sporting events (New York Marathon finish line at Central Park) …

… visited the mummies and pharoahs …

… and met DINOSAURS!

We even met a very large lady with a very large torch and book.

And we made a friend! We like New York City!

We might not be posting much for several months (not news! we are slow!). No more travels for a little while. Big happy changes happening at home and we need to take special care of Alison and Colin and maybe soon someone new!


After visiting PEI we took the big bridge back to New Brunswick.

And a couple of days later, we went to Halifax and saw the old fort. We saw the soldiers fire the noon gun, just like home in Edinburgh.

But it was raining really hard so we went inside and had pizza …

… and tasted the finest ales Nova Scotia has to offer, before going to the airport and flying home to our own beds.

Prince Edward Island

We takes the ferry from Caribou to Wood Islands, PEI. Alison was seasick. So was Marty but Alison didn’t find out till she opened her bag on the other side. Ewww.

On PEI we saw traditional fishermen …

… sand dunes …

… and a really big cow. Sadly the ice cream place was closed for the season.

We also went to see Green Gables, where we met Anne

… and Alison took us for a carriage ride!

On the Cape Breton trail

The Cape Breton Highlands National Park is very pretty. We saw a moose but it got away before we could catch it for a ride.

We tried the pricey whisky at the Glenora Distillery. Yuck. We prefers Crown Royal.

There is lots of freaky stuff on the Cabot Trail, like Joe’s Scarecrows. Alison almost wouldn’t get out of the car!

In Sydney we found Natalie MacMaster’s fiddle. She must be ENORMOUS.

And in Big Pond, we found Rita MacNeil, who really IS enormous.

Seafood surprise!

We figure we can catch a lobster for dinner.

All we need is one of these traps, a boat, and then wait.

We is impatient sheep. Try the Chowder Hut instead … oh no, it’s closed!

Lucky us – it opened five minutes later. Chowder time!

Nova Scotia beach bums

We visited Nova Scotia for our holidays this year and spent lots of time at the seaside. This is the Cape George lighthouse where we met a biker gang from Cape Breton.

Alison liked Melmerby Beach. The water was almost 20 degrees!

But we got sandy butts.

After the beach, Jeremy had a healthy bran muffin snack…

… but Marty snaffled the cheesies. Burp.